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Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator
A noninvasive/invasive therapy that safely and consistently removes secretions in patients with an ineffective ability to cough.
This device is targeted for patient with neuromuscular conditions such as:
•    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
•    Spinal muscular atrophy
•    Muscular dystrophy
•    Myasthenia gravis
•    Spinal cord injuries





CoughAssist clears secretions by slowly applying a positive pressure to the airway, then shifting to negative pressure. The quick shift in pressure produces a high expiratory flow, simulating a natural cough. Benefits of CoughAssist
•    Removes secretions from the airways
•    Reduces the occurrence of respiratory related  infections
•    Easy for patients and caregivers to operate
•    Can be performed both invasively and non-invasively

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