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Transcend II Travel CPAP System

In the Box: Transcend CPAP Machine, Universal Hose Adapter, Standard 6-Foot CPAP Hose, Universal AC Power Supply, Travel Bag, Printed Quick Guide, User Information CD, Video User Guides on DVD, 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Weighing LESS THAN A POUND and fitting in the palm of your hand the Transcend II is the smallest, lightest, and most portable CPAP machine on the planet. It is perfect for travel, home, and anywhere in between. The Transcend II comes with standard 6-foot tubing and is compatible with ALL CPAP MASKS. Transcend II also packs a lot of HIGH END FEATURES into its miniscule frame including an adjustable RAMP, quiet 29 dB operation, AHI and leak detection, automatic altitude adjustment, and a universal power supply. For added comfort and portability consider one of the Transcend II's humidification options or a battery pack!

The Transcend II's optional CPAP battery packs won’t weigh you down. The Transcend P4 Overnight Battery System™ weighs just over half a pound, and the P8 Multi-night Battery System™ tips the scales at 1.1 pounds. No other CPAP battery comes close!

The Transcend uses Lithium Ion Batteries, like those found in most laptop computers, and innovative electronics to provide a full – or multiple – night’s sleep anywhere you choose with the world’s smallest, lightest, and most portable CPAP battery connected to the world’s smallest, lightest, and most portable CPAP. The Transcend II Battery Pack CAN also be attached as a backup power supply, in series with the Universal AC Power Adapter, so your CPAP will work flawlessly throughout the night, even during power outages!

P4 MSRP $345 Sale Price $295
P8 MSRP $385 Sale Price $335

Transcend Mobile Power Adapter
This is the 19 volt mobile power converter for use only with the Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine.  The converter allows the Transcend to be run from any alternative DC battery source other than the battery. It has built-in monitoring circuits that will cause an automatic shut down if operated in unsafe conditions. MSRP $145 Sale Price $120

Many CPAP users find that heated humidification improves their sleep therapy comfort and helps promote compliance. The problem with traditional heated humidifiers is that they are bulky, heavy and inconvenient. The Transcend's optional Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) Humidifier Systems do away with all that providing the first ever truly portable humidified CPAP solution.

HME humidification has been used in hospitals for more than 50 years to provide heat and moisture to critically and chronically ill patients on ventilators; but the Transcend is the first CPAP to take advantage of this incredible technology. HME humidification works with you naturally as you breathe. When you exhale, the HME captures the warmth and moisture from your breath while CO2 passes through the filter and out the mask vent leak. Then, when you inhale, the HME warms and humidifies the air as it passes through the HME filter. It’s a simple, natural and effective solution to the heated humidifier. With Waterless Humidification there’s no cleaning, no distilled water, no break downs, and no malfunctions. Just warm, moist comfort with every breath.

Replacement HME MSRP $9.99 Sale Price $4.99

Transcend Waterless Humidification Systems include a proprietary mask shell compatible with the most popular nasal cushions (seals) on the market including the Ultra Mirage II, Mirage SoftGel, Mirage Activa LT, Mirage Activa, ComfortGel (Original) Nasal and ComfortGel BLUE Nasal Masks. Transcend Humidification Systems must be used with one of the mask seals listed; if you prefer to use a different mask the Transcend II CPAP is compatible with all current masks on the market however you will need to use a traditional external humidifier, like Fisher & Paykel's HC150, rather than the Transcend's Waterless Humidifier Systems.

The Transcend Docking Station
It allows even more flexibility for the Transcend CPAP (the smallest, lightest, most compact, and most portable CPAP system in the world). The user chooses how the CPAP will work to fit their lifestyle. Wearing the Transcend is a convenient and flexible option but Somnetics went further by allowing the user to dock the CPAP on the nightstand as well with the Transcend Docking Station. This optional Docking Station takes the Transcend experience to another level of optimal CPAP therapy.

MSRP $49.99 Sale Price $39.99

Replacement air inlet filter

For the Transcend Wearable CPAP machine. It is recommended that the Air Inlet Filter be replaced every 3 to 6 months or as needed.

MSRP $19.99 Sale Price $12.99



Transcend II Starter System
MSRP $549.99 Sale Price $449.99

Transcend II Starter System With Overnight Bundle

Transcend II Starter System With Multi-Night Bundle

Add Waterless Humidification and Mask to any system above:

Transcend H6B Humidification System

Note:  This product line is typically purchased by a current CPAP user as their secondary system and is therefore not reimbursable by insurance.